AppAtCollege in the UK

The future of the UK educational system

AppAtCollege is focussed on improving the learning experience for apprenticeship students. AppAtCollge enables the ‘Golden Triangle’. AppAtCollege supports a real-time, 3 way dialogue between the student, college, and work-place employer, delivering a blended learning infrastructure across a mobile environment.

Colleges are facing big challenges. Competition between educational institutions has risen, both nationally and internationally. The pressures continue to mount, to show results in combination with budget cuts, under funding, rise of pupil numbers and inspection and performance measures. This reinforces the challenge to enable and empower students to co-design with teachers in a disciplined way how they learn and acquire knowledge. The potential for technology to support teachers working in conjunction with students is significant.

With rising student expectations and demands, integrated and streamlined apps for mobile use can ensure a smoother, more cost efficient teaching process. Institutions need to invest in infrastructure, teaching and career support to attract students. AppAtCollege can help your institution transform to a new educational future. AppAtCollege organises customised flexible educational processes for teachers and students, based on modern digital technology. We build a strong business case for your college by using Apps in combination with an online platform.

What can AppAtCollege do for you?

AppAtCollege offers customer oriented, flexible educational processes supported by digital technology. Through using Apps in combination with an online environment we are able to transform education into an efficient and modern teaching method.

Besides this AppAtCollege also modifies the logistical part of the educational system. All togehter AppAtCollege offers your school a strong business case to modernize how learning is done. AppAtCollege takes education, vocation and location of your student to the next level.

The digital revolution is reshaping the way we teach our students. Large numbers of students use their tablets or phones in everyday life, but the use of this equipment is not yet fully integrated into the educational system. Students today expect colleges to be able to incorporate advanced technology into their curriculum, but too many colleges still teach our students in classes and batches.

For many years the educational system has been offering students one singular teaching methodology in a fixed timeline for all students. Transformation to a more mobile and student oriented digital education offers many possibilities.

The future is now

AppAtCollege helps to identify how best to incorporate a global and future outlook into your current teaching strategies and brings a new educational delivery system to your institution. AppAtCollege takes education, vocation and location of your student out of the classroom. AppAtCollege supports the application, implementation and the service of mobile equipment and apps for educational purposes.